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     At Archery Zombie Tag (Singapore), there are various types of missions that you can play in, based on a zombie apocalypse world. Work as a team to survive the zombie horde!
Mission #1 - Rain Of Arrows
(Photos from actual game footage)

You've established a safe haven for survivors with (inflatable) walls to keep the Zombies out.

One day, the Zombies finally managed to break through a gap and you are now facing the threat of being over-run by the bloodthirsty undead.
Pick up the bow & arrows to defend your base! If you get tagged by the Zombie, you will become one yourself.

Shoot them down before they rampage through your safe camp!

Zombies like to hide behind walls and other obstacles, and ambush you when least expected.

Work as team, communicate and cover each other's back if you want to survive!

Mission #2
Survivors Rescue

     Your team comes across a large group of survivors hiding one day. You know you have a safe base that’s geared up with supplies for survival, and well-defended against zombies.

These people need to be brought to your base, if they have any hopes of surviving. How many can you rescue?
Mission #3
Supplies Scavenging

     Your team has settled down in a safe base, but in order to hold out for the long-term in hopes of getting rescued, you will need supplies. These ranges from utility tools, medical supplies, food & drinks, anything for subsistence and survival.

Work as a team to fend off the Zombies and provide cover, so that you can scavenge for supplies!


If you’d like to organize an Zombie Tag event for corporate team-building, birthday parties, general fun-play, please contact us and we’ll design a program suitable for you.

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